Just some of the hate-filled comments we receive on Facebook.

I paid Facebook to promote my content. They claimed they would “Customize your audience to reach more people who may be interested in your business.”

These are comments I received from that audience:

“Phreak show with mental issues!!”

“Perversion… God protect these children.


“By all means, warp the minds of more children.”

On the heels of the Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen’s testimony to congress, I can’t help but wonder if I’m seeing what she was testifying to congress about in real-time.


The observant folks will notice that they accidentally put me in twice. Can you spot the second Robin?

I considered the invite that sat in my inbox. Whether I liked it or not, I was cordially invited to my 30th high school reunion.

The affair promised to be two fun-filled nights of “glory-days-ing.” One at a really cool downtown bar called the Dark Horse, and by really cool I mean I always imagined it to be really cool even though no one ever invited me to go there. Day two would be filled…

Today, I got this message in my FB messenger inbox.

Let me back up a bit to what preceded this message. I’m part of a group called Stupid Michelle & Dumb Robin where Michelle Sims and I produce, write, and act in funny, irreverent short films.

When Donald Trump won…

Robin Hopkins

Writer, actress, podcast host, and author of “If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We’ve Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family.” robinhopkins.org

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